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We specialize in providing a spectrum of personalized services designed specifically for athletes aiming to maximize their performance. Our approach includes thorough individual assessments, leading to the formulation of custom vitamins and supplements, precisely tailored to your body’s needs based on detailed lab work conducted in our office. Additionally, our suite of products includes advanced fat burners and muscle-gaining supplements, each carefully crafted to support your unique fitness goals. Our commitment is to offer comprehensive, individualized solutions that cater to the specific demands of athletic excellence.


The initial consultations at EHP are designed to provide athletes with comprehensive guidance and personalized recommendations to optimize their performance.


Here's an overview of what you can expect from our consultations:

  • Initial Assessment overview

  • Lab Services

  • Personalized formulation plan of custom vitamins and supplements

Our consultations are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to reach your peak performance. We combine scientific expertise along with your personalized assessments to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your athletic journey.


At EHP, we are committed to providing support to ensure your continued success in optimizing your nutrition and achieving your performance goals. We offer

  • Vitamins and supplements based on personalized plan

  • Fat burners 

  • Muscle gaining supplements

  • And more

We aim to empower you with the necessary resources, knowledge, and guidance to maintain your progress, overcome obstacles, and continuously optimize your nutrition for long-term success.


We are committed to being your partner on your journey towards elite health and performance.

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